10.4” MFD 1024*768 NVIS Military Cockpit Tactical Display

Product Number: PM-10.4-MFD


  • Qualified for Military Cockpit Tactical Applications
  • Meets MIL-STD-461, 810, 167, 1275, 704
  • Sealed to IP65 on unit level
  • 28 back-lit bezel buttons with Dual RS485 and USB output
  • 1024x768 XGA Resolution
  • Dual-Mode, High-Brite-NVIS Back-light
  • 2x DVI, 1x VGA, 1X Composite Video inputs
  • All signals via MS-38999 connectors

Design Supports Landscape or Portrait Installation

The PM-10.4-MFD was engineered for military aircraft cockpit applications. A Dual-Mode, High-Brite/NVIS back-light system provides wide luminance adjustment: from 1500 cd/m2 for good readability in glaring sunlight, down to <0.5 cd/m2 MIL-3009 NVIS compatible lighting for viewing with NVGs. The machined alloy aluminum bezel has twenty eight  back lit silicon rubber buttons with 8 buttons uncommitted and free for customer specific requirements. The PM-10.4-MFD supports 2x DVI, 1x VGA and 1x Composite Video input.  Both Portrait and Landscape installation is supported by the bezel button icons and internal video rotation circuitry to maintain proper image orientation. The Military grade DC power supply accepts 12V-36VDC with full transient and surge protection to MIL-STD-1275/-704 standards. The design and performance of the MFD-10.4-MFD provides a state-of-the-art, drop in replacement for outdated legacy units, delivering greatly improved performance at substantial cost savings.  

Screen Size
1024 x 768
Aspect Ratio
Airborne,Military Grade
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