26inch Marine Display 1920x1200 350nits DISP-299

Product Number: DISP-299

Origin: Europe

High quality display 26” Wide Screen format
Compliant with IEC 60945 and IACS E10.
ECDIS/RADAR options.
Membrane keys with dimmable backlight.
Full range backlight dimming
Keys dimming control options.
Desk / wall / roof mounting-brackets available.
Customisation available.

The product is the new generation of Category 1 Radar and ECDIS wide screen monitors. With its low power consumption, the product obviates the use of cooling fans providing silent/noiseless operation. In addition, the LED backlight secures a longer service life in general, compared to current CCFL solutions. The display has got excellent and symmetrical viewing angle. Furthermore, the low power consumption and Mercury free design provide a more environmental and friendly product in operation as well as during disposal after the end of service life. The DuraMONWS26 LED is based on the same construction principals as the DuraMONWS 16:9 product family, and represents the new slim and elegant ISIC design. The overall design is robust, using only the best materials and components in combination with state of the art manufacturing processes. DuraMON26WS LED has been designed based on the proven and well recognized ISIC technology, providing high reliability and long durability. It features the ISIC top and bottom mounting system reducing mechanical stress thus optimizing the total lifetime of the monitor. DuraMON26WS LED is available for panel mounting as well as for table top mounting using the ISIC table mount bracket. We are offering excellent OEM flexibility with the DuraMON26WS RADAR monitor.

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