19inch 8U Sunlight Readable Rackmount Military Rugged Display

Product Number: RF-19-GX1

Hi-Brite (1200 cd/m2) 19” LCD for good viewing in direct sunlight
Moving Air Curtain Protects LCD Under Full Solar Loading
Designed for High Temperature, Desert Operations up to 70C
Field-Replaceable Tough Polycarbonate AR-Coated LCD Shield
IP65 front panel protection for Windblown Sand and Water
Deployed on portable Predator Ground Control Test Stations
No Export Licence / End User required

The RF-19-GX1 was engineered for UAS flight line control operations in hot desert climates. The 19” Hi-Brite LCD is enhanced to provide maximum clarity in bright full sunlight conditions. A proprietary moving air curtain preserves legibility by protecting the front of the LCD from overheating due to solar loading. An AR-coated, impact-resistant, field-replaceable polycarbonate front filter provides impact protection for the LCD panel while offering glare resistance for enhanced viewing in direct sunlight.

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