27inch 1920x1920 Square Panel Mount Rugged Display for Navy Ships

Product Number: CF-27SQ

27” Square LCD with 1920x1920 Pixel Resolution
Dual DVI and Display Port Video Inputs
Rugged Machined Aluminum Alloy Construction
Sealed to IP65 on Console Level
Designed and Built to Military Standards by Similarity to Certified Units
Tested to MIL-STD-901D
No Export Licence / End User required

The CF-27SQ is a 27” highly rugged display engineered for deployment on naval ships requiring MIL-STD-901D shock compliance. It is a physical drop-in replacement for outdated 28″ legacy units, providing improved performance at a significant cost savings. The CF-27SQ features a unique 27” LCD panel with 1920x1920 Square pixel resolution making it ideal for viewing shipboard Radar, Sonar and general Air Traffic Control information.

The machined aluminum alloy bezel, together with a gasket-sealed, optically bonded tempered front glass AR shield provides environmental sealing to IP65 while protecting the LCD panel from impact shock. A 16 button control array offers instant access to video input selection and image adjustments.

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