27inch 2560x1440 Environmental and Flight Certified Military Rugged Display

Product Number: RF-27

Extremely Rugged all aluminum construction with machined bezel
27” IPS WQHD LCD Panel with 2560x1440 Resolution and 16:9 AR 8-bit Color Palette (16.7M colors)
Proprietary LED Backlight with 1000:1 Dimming to Zero
28VDC power supply MIL-STD-1275/-704
MIL-STD-810 Certified for Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Altitude, Rapid Decompression and Crash Safety
MIL-STD-461 Certified for EMR/EMS
Deployed on USAF Joint STARS Fleet
No Export Licence / End User required

The RF-27 is currently deployed on the USAF Joint STARS aircraft (JSTARS). The high resolution WQHD LCD panel features 2560x1440 resolution and optically bonded AR glass for optimal visual clarity. The control electronics include 2-channel Dual-Link DVI video input with front panel A/B switching.

The RF-27 has been Flight Certified for Fixed Wing Jet aircraft, but it is also ideally suited for Rotary Airborne, Ground Based Vehicle and Shelter applications. The 16.7M, true 8-bit color depth of the LCD panel makes the RF-27 ideal for Marine Sonar, Bridge and Navigation applications requiring high resolution.

The RF-27 is fully certified for shock, vibration, EMI, temperature and altitude.

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